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No everyone needs a full featured bulletin board such as phpBB. freeForum is a GPL, free, and simple discussion board script which can be fully integrated with your existing page layout. It concentrates on the main features of typical forum scrips, and does it well. Above all, you'll need less than 3 minutes to get it working!

freeForum features

  • Post: you are free to post in open categories.
  • Categories: unlimited number of categories.
  • Layout: layout is fully template and css based, feel free to change it.
  • Cost: as in beer, it's licenced under the GPL.
  • No image, no avatar, no smilies.
  • No useless statistics.
  • CSS and template based.
  • Backup and restore functions.
  • Anti-spam: captcha images, smart forms, IP banning, flood protection.
  • Open and closed categories.
  • Reserved user names.
  • Edit previous posts.
Multilingual, available in 16 languages,
  • English,
  • French,
  • Romanian,
  • Swedish,
  • Dutch,
  • Russian,
  • German,
  • Chinese (Traditional),
  • Spanish,
  • Polish,
  • Turkish,
  • Bosniac,
  • Italian,
  • Indonesian,
  • Serbian,
  • Macedonian.


Yep, there is a demo for freeForum, and believe it or not, it's a forum! Just follow the link, and enjoy: freeForum user forum


Your opinion is important, so if you like and use freeForum in your website, let others know and add a link to us! You should also rate freeForum at hotscripts:


Have a problem? Check the FAQ or post a message in the user forum!

Use it!

If you liked the demo, simply download, install, and use freeForum. It's licenced under the GPL, so it's free. Yep, free, as in beer...

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Contact the author

You can contact the author in private. Support questions should be sent to the user forum.


freeForum is begin developped by Butchu at ZoneO-Soft and C. Iancu from counterzone.ro. Other people involved are listed in the credits page. FreeForum is always looking for help, do not hesitate to send in your new contribution or language file!