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Lastest freeForum Stable Release (for everyone)
FileFormatDate Created Size
freeforum-1.9.tgz tar.gz 8-Avr-2011 104kb zip 8-Avr-2011 149kb
Lastest freeForum Development Release (for experienced users)
FileFormatDate Created Size
freeforum-1.7beta1.tgz tar.gz 29-May-2008 87kb zip 29-May-2008 112kb
Older freeForum Stable Release (not supported)
FormatDate Created Size
freeforum-1.8.1.tgz tar.gz 21-Fev-2009 98kb zip 21-Fev-2009 126kb
freeforum-1.8.tgz tar.gz 11-Dec-2008 97kb zip 11-Dec-2008 124kb
freeforum-1.7.tgz tar.gz 16-Jun-2008 87kb zip 16-Jun-2008 109kb
freeforum-1.6.tgz tar.gz 6-Mar-2008 79kb zip 6-Mar-2008 96kb
freeforum-1.5.1.tgz tar.gz 29-Jul-2007 74kb zip 29-Jul-2007 91kb
freeforum-1.5.tgz tar.gz 21-Jul-2007 74kb zip 21-Jul-2007 90kb
freeforum-1.4.1.tgz tar.gz 3-May-2007 64kb zip 3-May-2007 77kb
freeforum-1.4.tgz tar.gz 27-April-2007 64kb zip 27-April-2007 77kb
freeforum-1.3.tgz tar.gz 26-April-2006 50kb zip 26-April-2006 59kb
freeforum-1.2.1.tgz tar.gz 28-February-2006 32kb zip 28-February-2006 42kb
freeforum-1.2.tgz tar.gz 18-January-2006 33kb zip 18-January-2006 42kb
freeforum-1.1.2.tgz tar.gz 09-January-2006 31kb zip 09-January-2006 36kb
freeforum-1.1.1.tgz tar.gz 28-November-2005 28kb zip 28-November-2005 34kb
freeforum-1.1.tgz tar.gz 10-November-2005 28kb zip 10-November-2005 34kb
freeforum-1.0.1.tgz tar.gz 17-August-2005 27kb zip 22-August-2005 33kb
freeforum-1.0.tgz tar.gz 13-August-2005 27kb
Older freeForum Development Release (not supported)
FileFormatDate CreatedSize
freeforum-1.4beta1.tgz tar.gz 1-Apr-2007 63kb zip 1-Apr-2007 77kb
freeforum-1.3beta4.tgz tar.gz 18-Apr-2006 50kb tar.gz 18-Apr-2006 60kb
freeforum-1.3beta3.tgz tar.gz 10-Apr-2006 50kb tar.gz 10-Apr-2006 60kb