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Version 1.0 released!, 20 Jun 2005

After more than a year of development, v1.0 of phpTrafficA is out! phpTraffficA now has all the functionnalities that where intended for the initial release, a clean and simple user interface, and an efficient logging function: it is ready.

Changes from previous version include

Enjoy the demo and download it over here!

Click here to see the full list of changes

Version 1.0 to be released soon, 15 Jun 2005

phpTrafficA has been under heavy development for over a year now. It became stable and includes most functionalities that were intended for v1.0 with a clean and simple user interface.

Therefore, the current development version of phpTrafficA, v0.07, will be released under v1.0 in the coming weeks.

Version 0.06 released!, 29 May 2005

The new version of phpTrafficA was released today. Changes include

You are welcome to download it or play with the demo.

Country flags, 28 Apr 2005

Country flags were added to the download page. I just realized it was quite difficult to find them on google nowadays.

New user forum!, 27 Apr 2005

A forum was opened for your convenience. It contains some sort of FAQ and plenty of space to ask questions and express yourself.


Version 0.05 released!, 14 Apr 2005

Here we go, after a few months of testing and improving, here is a new version of phpTrafficA! In terms of fixes and improvement, we have

And we also have quite a few new features And tons of bug fixes!

You can download it from here,

Version 0.04 released!, 22 Dec 2004

The first public version of phpTrafficA is released!

Those files correspond to the version 0.04. Do not be misguided by the very low version number though. I have been using it on my own site for almost six months and it seems to work very well.

I do expect problems with the installation procedure. I do not have access to many servers. It works on mine, and I hope it will work for you. Let me know if you have any problem.

When the code will be stable, I'll slowly move on to the big 1.0...


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