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Version 1.1beta1 released!, 29 Oct 2005

The new version of phpTrafficA was released today. It is a beta version of the upcomming phpTrafficA-1.1. This version has already been tested internally but there might be bugs remaining so keep your old versions available as well!

New features in phpTrafficA-1.1 include

Installation and upgrade procedure was changed signicantly, so do not forget to read the documention in the Doc/ folder of the archive. Instructions on the website is still related to the 1.0* series and does not apply to the 1.1* series.

See the full list of changes, download it, and let us know how it went!

Track html pages, 09 Sep 2005

phpTrafficA-1.0.4 was released today. It includes new files and instructions to track non-php pages (html, asp...) using an image and javascript.

If you have a previous version of phpTrafficA running and do not need to track non-php pages, there is no need to upgrade.

Major bugfix release, 03 Sep 2005

phpTrafficA-1.0.3 was released today. It is a major bug fix: it addresses all issues reported for servers with the "register_globals" variable set to "off". If you experienced strange behavior with phpTrafficA before (nothing happening, no plots...), it should be working fine now.

This version also fixes incompatibilities with some versions of the GD libraries, adds support for Opera 8, Galeon, and Symbian OS in OS and web browsers detection, and a few other things.

Have a look at the full list of changes and download it today!

Bugfix released, 13 Aug 2005

phpTrafficA-1.0.2 was released today. It is a bug fix release from version 1.0.1 to correct a link in the "About" tab. For those who have phpTrafficA working already, there is no urgent need to upgrade.

Forum updated, 02 Aug 2005

The phpTrafficA user forums were updated to a new, faster, and much simpler forum package... We are not running a fan club here, but just a small forum for users to ask questions, so I got rid of the big bulletin board and replaced it with a simple forum. I think it will be more appropriate.


Easier install, 24 Jul 2005

To simplify the installation, I added a fully configured version of ip2c in the download section. This version of ip2c already includes an IP to country database and the phpTrafficA specific files.

If you already installed ip2c, there is no need to use this archive. On the other hand, if you do not have ip2c installed, I recommend you to use this archive since there is no install procedure to follow.

Weblink buttons, 23 Jul 2005

Link buttons were added to the website. If you like phpTrafficA and want to spread the word, simply use them!

Bug fix release, 20 Jul 2005

phpTrafficA-1.0.1 was released today. It is a bug fix release from version 1.0. If your install is working properly, there is no need to upgrade.

This version fixes the bug with the config file 'sites.php'.

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