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Bug fix release, 19 Feb 2006

Bug fix phpTrafficA-1.2.1 was released today. It fixes the typo that generated an error in the install file. If you did correct the error and have 1.2 running, there is no need to upgrade.

phpTrafficA 1.2 released!, 13 Feb 2006

phpTrafficA 1.2 was released today! This versions offers important improvements over phpTrafficA 1.1, namely:

No bug was found in 1.2beta2 so this version should be pretty stable. So go ahead, and download it today!

Version 1.2beta2 released!, 01 Feb 2006

The second beta version of the 1.2 series was released today! It include bugs fixes, some of which are critical. Do not forget to run install.php even if you are coming from 1.2beta1! It will fix issues introduced with beta1.

This version should be pretty stable and if no major bug is found, it will lead to a full release of 1.2 in a few weeks


Demo for the 1.2 series available!, 22 Jan 2006

The demo for the 1.2 series is available. Have a look and enjoy the new features:

Version 1.2beta1 released!, 22 Jan 2006

The new version of phpTrafficA was released today. It is a beta version of the upcomming phpTrafficA-1.2. It has been tested internally, but watch out, it may be buggy, and everything could crash!

New features include

See the full list of changes, download it, and let us know how it went!

Update on current development, 22 Dec 2005

Here are the updates on phpTrafficA development for the holiday season, and don't worry, we are working hard!

According to discussions with some of you in the forum, I identified two features that would be critical for the next versions

Unique visitors tracking is quite common among web traffic analysis software. Path analysis is another story, and I could not identify any free product that implements it in a way I like.

Well, you'll be happy to know: both of them are now working! The unique visitors tracking (based on IP addresses) is fully implemented. Visitor path can now be recorded, but the interface to analyse the results needs more work.

In January, I will release a new version of phpTrafficA that includes those two features. The interface for path analysis will still be a bit rough, but usable.

Also, if you wish to make a Christmas gift to encourage the development of future versions, just use the Paypal button on the side of the page,your support is greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, have a happy holliday season!

Version 1.1 released!, 07 Nov 2005

phpTrafficA-1.1 was released today! It is identical to phpTrafficA-1.1beta1.

New features in phpTrafficA-1.1 include

See the full list of changes, download it, and enjoy!

Demo for 1.1beta1, 01 Nov 2005

The demo for the phpTrafficA-1.1 series is available!

phpTrafficA-1.1 should be released in a few days.

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