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Security release: phpTrafficA 1.4.4 ! , 16 Jul 2007

A new bug was discovered in phpTrafficA: password validation was weak and a remote user was able to exploit this and log-in with adminstrator privileges. phpTrafficA-1.4.4 fixes the issue along with a couple more bugs.

Everyone should upgrade as soon as possible!

New homepage in German!, 27 Jun 2007

Thanks to our German translator, Roland Schuller, from, we now have a phpTrafficA homepage in German!

Bugfix release, 26 Jun 2007

Three vulnerabilities were released yesterday, involving the lang and pageid parameters. This new release, 1.4.3, fixes the issue.

New features include a Romanian translation, thanks to Constantin Iancu at, and better colors for the plots suggested by Martin Hoffmann. Various translations have also been improved.

Everyone should upgrade ASAP.

New homepage in Russian!, 25 Jun 2007

Thanks to our Russian translator, Tchapliev Viktor, we now have a phpTrafficA homepage in Russian!

New homepage in French!, 21 Jun 2007

phpTrafficA now has a multilingual homepage! At the moment, only French and English are available but we hope that more languages will be available soon.

This operation should increase the visibility for phpTrafficA and greatly help our users who are not always confortable with English.

Security release!, 24 Feb 2007

A vulnerability was found in phpTrafficA with the lang parameter in banref.php and the file parameters in plotStat.php, plotStatBar.php and plotStatPie.php. It affects all versions.

Version 1.4.2 fixes this vulnerability and everyone should upgrade as soon as possible.

The vulnerability was disclosed to the internet, along with descriptions on how to use it, without sending a previous warning to the developpers. This attitude is totally unacceptable and put many websites at risk, therefore, no credit will be given.

phpTrafficA-1.4 released!, 10 Feb 2007

The full version of phpTrafficA-1.4 has been released! It has been a short time since our latest stable release, in October, but there has been considerable progress since! New features include

It should be the best phpTrafficA ever released! See the full list of changes and download it today!

Thanks to all of those who contributed and sent comments, their help was greatly appreciated and really improved the project...

phpTrafficA-1.4beta4 released!, 05 Feb 2007

Well, 1.4beta3 was supposed to be the last beta, but many bugs were fixed again! phpTrafficA-1.4beta4, Is the result, and definitely the last beta version before a full 1.4...

As usual, you can download it today, give it a try and let us know how it went! This is a beta release, so do not try it if you are not confortable with softwares that are not super stable.

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