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New homepage in Romanian!, 15 Feb 2008

Thanks to our Romanian translator, Constantin Iancu from, we now have a phpTrafficA homepage in Romanian. Thanks to the translator, and welcome to our Romanian users!

phpTrafficA 2.0beta4 released!, 05 Feb 2008

The fourth beta version for phpTrafficA 2.0 has been released. It will be the last test release before a full 2.0. If you want to test it, it is your last chance!

New homepage in Dutch!, 01 Feb 2008

Thanks to our Dutch translator, Peter Borst from, we now have a phpTrafficA homepage in Dutch!

If you want to add a new translation, do not hesitate to contact the phpTrafficA author, he'll let you know how to do it.

Demo for 2.0, 22 Jan 2008

A demo for the new beta version has been released. Have a look, explore, and give us your comments before the final release!

Version 2.0beta3 released!, 22 Jan 2008

Version 2.0beta3 has been released! It fixes a few problems with the install process and includes updated translations

Version 2.0beta1 released!, 18 Jan 2008

After 5 months of internal development, the first beta version for phpTrafficA-2.0 is ready for public release!

List of changes is very long and include a totally new user interface, long requested features such as IP banning, time difference between site and server, referrer search, a new install procedure, and plenty of others.

You can download it and install it today. Intructions for installation or upgrade have changed, so have a look in the Doc/ folder in the archive for new instructions.

New homepage in Spanish!, 19 Aug 2007

Thanks to our Spanish contributor, Samuel Aguilera from, the phpTrafficA homepage is available in Spanish!

Important message to all users, 17 Jul 2007

A hacker, who will not be cited here, has been attacking several installations of phpTrafficA. He is apparently using security holes that have been fixed with the various security releases.

If you do not want to be the next target:

phpTrafficA developpers are very sorry about this, we did not expect this problem to happen.

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