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Tråd "Logging admin problem" Startet af Chuck den: 13.09.2005 3:28
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Logging admin problem
Skrevet af: Chuck  den: 13.09.2005 3:28
Your script is running great, I have a small problem, however. I'd like to exclude myself from logging. I tried to do that on the reminder page. It is set correctly: "The cookie `phpTrafficA` is set to `Admin`, you will not be counted in the statistics". Yet, all my hits are logged. Please give me a suggestion, how to resolve this tiny glitch.
Thank you.
Re: Logging admin problem
Skrevet af: ZoneO Support  den: 13.09.2005 19:57
This happens when the address you used to set the cookie is different from the one used to record statistics... Let me explain...

If phpTrafficA is installed on your local computer, and if you log in locally for administration, you log into

or whatever it is.

Now, for you actual website, phpTrafficA appears to be at

If you set the cookie from 'localhost', it will not work from ''. You have to log into phpTraffic directly on ''.

Is that clear?!
Re: Logging admin problem
Skrevet af: Chuck  den: 13.09.2005 23:54
Thats exactly how I'm doing it. The problem is more complex, I figured out what it is. Might be useful if you receive similar requests:
My server stores several domains separetely. I've setup phpTrafficA directly under the main domain's htdocs directory, and I'm accessing the admin page calling ''. Other domains' htdocs directories are stored under the main htdocs dir, and accessed by their different individual domain names. When calling your scripts from stats.js on a secondary domain, and your setCookie.php file attempts to set the cookie under the main domain, IE browsers consider it a 3rd party cookie request, and by defult it does not allow that.
The only way to overcome this problem is to overwrite IE privacy policies by either allowing 3rd party cookie requests, or better adding individual domain names for acceptance.
Re: Logging admin problem
Skrevet af: ZoneO Support  den: 14.09.2005 3:44
Another solution, load this file from every domain where you use phpTrafficA (save it as setCookie.php):
<center>Cookie was set.</center>
I get you a coffee!
Skrevet af: Butchu  den: 27.05.2016 16:02
Gee, I really liked this answer! I want to thank you and I buy you a coffee!
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